The luxury real estate sector, at its best

The luxury real estate sector in Madrid is going through a unique moment. Today, demand exceeds supply, resulting in a major price hike. According to Photocasa Álvaro González de la Hoz, director general of Larvia, "the evolution of the market has been spectacular in recent years". There are areas that have noticed much more growth, such as the Barrio de Salamanca, which is booming and is expected to continue to grow in the coming months.
In addition to the national investor, this demand has also attracted international investors. This places Madrid in the preferred city as far as the prime real estate market. The luxury homes in Madrid are much more valued and more and more investors are interested in this particular area.

Premium zones, the demanding buyer

The Premium areas of Madrid have become the attraction for many investors. Customers feel that living in certain homes and areas gives them a more distinguished character. The buyer of a luxury home usually has preference for residential areas, or near the center. In Madrid, which is the city preferred by this client, the most demanded areas are the Barrio de Salamanca, the surroundings of Retiro, Recoletos and Almagro, but also areas like La Moraleja.
In exclusive and central areas like Recoletos, the square meter is currently being paid between 11,000 and 13,000 euros for homes that are refurbished and brand new, according to our director. As for the characteristics of the houses, the most demanded are those that have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. However, this type of property is currently scarce, and the most common is the sale of houses of 200 square meters.
The demands of the investors are really clear: luxury real estate well located, spacious, with modern and exclusive design and great luminosity. The diaphanous houses that transmit great amplitude and luminosity are very demanded. The idea is to find a house with the minimum possible architectural barriers. In addition, if you have a classic façade, you are better valued.

Profile of the buyer of luxury homes in Madrid

Among those people who decide to buy a Premium home in Madrid, there are two types of client: The one who wants the house to reside and those who see an insured investment. Generally, the national customer is usually a manager or businessman with a high purchasing level. They tend to have another house, on the outskirts, and look to have a more centric. The foreign client is looking for a good geographical location and the house is reformed, no matter if you want it for short periods of time or to move definitively.
Yes, both foreigners and nationals want this type of housing as investment. The luxury sector offers a great profitability. It is difficult to achieve so much profitability in other areas, so they decide to invest in this type of property.

The real estate, the key to many

In addition to looking for a good area, extraordinary housing and optimal conditions, the customer who decides to buy this type of property also looking for a real estate with good treatment and service. Larvia has become one of the luxury real estate reference in Madrid. The close, respectful, excellent and sincere treatment makes it more and more that they decide to go to us to find what they are looking for.
The professionalism, the trust and the serious and specialized service make us one of the first options of the clients. We offer a personalized treatment and a complete management.