The luxury housing market continues to grow

The luxury housing market in Spain will continue to grow in 2015. The improvement of the indicators of the Spanish economy and the adjustment already made in prices, among other factors, are making possible an increase in the national and international demand of luxury housing especially in Madrid in the first semester of Year, according to the director of Larvia Privilege, Alvaro Gonzalez de la Hoz.

According to other experts, as the agency says EFE, in the luxury housing market is a “natural and permanent”, which is the aging of the owners, whose children have already become independent and for which their homes are large. ”

Larvia Privilege is a consultancy specializing in the luxury housing market, belonging to Petrus Real estate group with more than 50 years of experience in the sector, and which is also present in the rehabilitation and new construction market, in Colombia, and in the Short term rental market with luxury rentals Madrid.