The intent to purchase second homes increases by 8%

A clear example of economic recovery is the increase in the buying and selling of homes. However, the purchase of a second home is even more significant. Well, according to data from the study "The demand for housing in Spain. Ten years after the outbreak of the crisis "carried out by Casaktua, since 2017 these cases have increased by 8%. While last year, it was 10% of the Spaniards who were looking for a second floor to buy, this year, that percentage is 18%.

Currently, 28% of the Spaniards already have a second home in property. And this data has also increased with respect to the last year in 5 points. The coast is the Spanish's main destination when it comes to acquiring a second home. In fact, of those who intend to buy a second home, 43% are looking at it near the sea, and 17% in a coastal town, but in the center of it. This trend has also recorded an increase compared to 2017, when it was 51% of those looking for a second home that chose the beach and today is 60% in total.

Reasons to buy a second home

The same study carried out by Casaktua shows that the purpose of buying another house is distributed practically equally. 51% do it for your own use and enjoyment, and 49% think of an investment to get a profit. That is to say, with pretensions of renting the house. Of the latter, 32% seek a tenant in the long term, while 22% already have it rented. There are also those who have opted for holiday rental. In particular, 17% of those who buy a second home to invest, choose this possibility. 9% of them already have it in operation and obtaining profitability, and 8% intend to announce their housing on the platforms destined to it,

For your own use or as an investment, acquiring a new home is always a good idea. Brick is always a choice when it comes to buying a property. It is not devalues and over the years it has always been demonstrated that it is the most profitable option. Moreover, as overtook, these data reflect a reliable and consolidated economic recovery.