The best luxury flats in Madrid

The acquisition of luxury flats in Madrid is booming. According to a report made by Idealista, luxury homes in Spain have increased by 78 ' 8%. The luxury houses in Madrid differ with the naked eye for their benefits, but also for the neighborhood in which they are located, essential requirement for the buyers.

In Larvia we have luxury homes in the best areas of Madrid. Living in the center allows you to be connected with everything and enjoy a prime privileged home in a beautiful area. Many owners consider these houses as a haven of peace and tranquility in the heart of the city. Among the most central areas you can find luxury flats in Palace, Justice, Recoletos, La Castellana, El VISO… These areas are close to commercial surfaces and the most basic services, such as schools, supermarkets… The square meters are very important and, therefore, we offer a selection with some of the houses of high standing with a lot of habitable meters.

The most outstanding luxury homes

A palace in the Madrid of the Austrias. In the Representative district of Palacio we find this huge luxury house. It has more than 600 square meters, including five lounges. The beauty of this House is that it looks worthy of the nineteenth century: high ceilings, mouldings and large windows overlooking the palace of the Orient and the Madrid of the Austrias. It also has a beautiful interior courtyard. A real beauty.

Luxury house avant-garde style in Recoletos. This House is located in a stately building built in the years 50. A luxury house reformed to the pure avant-garde style. It has 460 square meters in the house, plus 100 square meters of terrace. Luminosity and beauty merge to give rise to this impressive house. You can enjoy a luxurious house in the street Velázquez.

Luxury palatial house in Barrio Castizo. The location of this Premium house gives you an even more charming air. It has more than 500 square meters in a totally privileged area. It is a building built inside a 19th century palace. It has two huge plants, with large terraces and windows. It also has an area for the service accessed through an interior staircase. Despite being a palace of 1875, it is reformed and totally habitable.

Stately luxury Finca in La Castellana. In one of the best areas of downtown Madrid you can find this impressive manor house, in full "golden Mile". It has 236 habitable square meters and diaphanous spaces and large ceilings. It receives an impressive natural light and several of its most representative signs are preserved.

Closed urbanization in a totally exclusive district. In the residential district of Viso you will find an authentic jewel: a luxury house of 800 square meters, of the few that exist with this dimension in this area. It has huge halls and large terraces. In addition, the views overlook very wooded common areas. This gives a quiet and very attractive air. It is a very well communicated area, quiet and beautiful. A unique opportunity.

Haven of peace in the district of Salamanca. In the district of Salamanca you will find this impressive luxury apartment of 394 square meters. It is refurbished by a prestigious interior design studio that gives it modernity and spacious spaces. It has large windows that give warmth and a lot of lighting. It is located in a quiet street, but with everything you need nearby.