Styles of current reforms

At present, when deciding to sell, buy or rent a flat, one of the most important and best valued points is the reform of the same. More and more people prefer a new and modern apartment when opting to buy it.

But you should know that in addition to offering a facelift to the house, other things are valued above: reducing housing costs, lowering the electrical bill… These are some of the changes that are most sought at the time of buying. The term and acoustic insulation, the waterproofing, the improvement of the communication networks… All this can make a home sell or rent more quickly. If you are looking for a luxury apartment in the heart of Madrid, take a look at the renovations you have made.

What to look at when making a reform

If you are thinking of reforming your home to sell it, you should look at the reform as an investment to revalue the same, and not as an extra expense. The greater the comfort, the higher the starting price. Similarly, if you want to buy a luxury apartment, it is also an investment, as you will be betting on a house with a value above the average.

Thermal insulation is one of the big bets in the last few years. Generally, most of the Spanish dwellings suffer large losses of heat, completely unnecessary, because of the energy inefficiency. By introducing an insulating layer on the outside, the difference is notorious.

Reforming a home allows you to increase the price of it by about 30%. As well as being able to sell it for a higher price, you will also get more attention. The refurbished floors, especially in areas where the properties are usually older, receive a greater interest and, therefore, a greater number of visits.

Moreover, among the latest trends in renovations, it is worth highlighting, for example, the incorporation of neutral colors in the walls, floors and decoration. Say goodbye to the bright and gaudy colors. The simple colors are again trendy. They give appearance luxury, serenity and modernism. Minimalist houses with nothing extravagant furniture to avoid distractions or saturation. Putting islands in the kitchen or changing the tubs for shower trays are two of the big bets. This provides, in addition to functionality, a modern design that stands out among the typical traditional floor.

In Larvia we have newly refurbished floors in truly exclusive areas. Outstanding examples is the neighborhood of Chamberí or justice, in the heart of Madrid. In this area, homes are usually older. However, with the renovation, you will enjoy one of the best areas of the capital, at an incredible price and with the comfort offered by a refurbished floor.