What do I need to sell my luxury apartment in Madrid?

The luxury real estate market is at a good time. The situation that lives the Spanish market makes it conducive to selling a house. And much better if it's a luxury flat. Even so, the purchase depends on the buyer's economic situation, as well as other factors of great importance. To be able to determine the time it takes to sell a property, you need to think about all the factors that directly affect. Among them, there is the location of the house, as well as the existing demand in the locality. In addition, the buyer must have a saved money. This helps to give the entrance to the house as well as have an adequate margin of solvency. With all this, a house that is at market price will sell much better in exclusive neighborhoods and luxury large capitals, such as Madrid or La Moraleja, in front of the small towns. In these there is a lower demand and that makes it much more difficult to sell the house. Factors that determine the price of your luxury apartment When deciding to put your flat on sale, determining the right market price can take a while. To do this, it

The intent to purchase second homes increases by 8%

A clear example of economic recovery is the increase in the buying and selling of homes. However, the purchase of a second home is even more significant. Well, according to data from the study "The demand for housing in Spain. Ten years after the outbreak of the crisis "carried out by Casaktua, since 2017 these cases have increased by 8%. While last year, it was 10% of the Spaniards who were looking for a second floor to buy, this year, that percentage is 18%. Currently, 28% of the Spaniards already have a second home in property. And this data has also increased with respect to the last year in 5 points. The coast is the Spanish's main destination when it comes to acquiring a second home. In fact, of those who intend to buy a second home, 43% are looking at it near the sea, and 17% in a coastal town, but in the center of it. This trend has also recorded an increase compared to 2017, when it was 51% of those looking for a second home that chose the beach and today is 60% in

The luxury real estate sector, at its best

The luxury real estate sector in Madrid is going through a unique moment. Today, demand exceeds supply, resulting in a major price hike. According to Photocasa Álvaro González de la Hoz, director general of Larvia, "the evolution of the market has been spectacular in recent years". There are areas that have noticed much more growth, such as the Barrio de Salamanca, which is booming and is expected to continue to grow in the coming months. In addition to the national investor, this demand has also attracted international investors. This places Madrid in the preferred city as far as the prime real estate market. The luxury homes in Madrid are much more valued and more and more investors are interested in this particular area. Premium zones, the demanding buyer The Premium areas of Madrid have become the attraction for many investors. Customers feel that living in certain homes and areas gives them a more distinguished character. The buyer of a luxury home usually has preference for residential areas, or near the center. In Madrid, which is the city preferred by this client, the most demanded areas are the Barrio de Salamanca, the surroundings of Retiro, Recoletos and Almagro,

Larvia consolidates its presence among the leading companies of the national luxury market

Larvia, a company dedicated to the sale of luxury homes, closed the 2017 with 8% of the global turnover of Petrus real Estate group, according to various leading media leaders in general and economic information such as the vanguard, expansion, EFE or Europa Press, among Other. The new office of Larvia Open in the moral, continues its excellent evolution and everything indicates that the evolution and contribution to Larvia, at the end of this year, will be very positive. This group belongs other companies such as Luxury rentals, which was 12% of the turnover or rent better, a company that was born in January this year and is expected to contribute 3% in this 2018. Despite the fact that Petrus is headquartered in Madrid, it will invest 68 million euros in Barcelona. Petrus will build 252 homes in the next five years. Investment in Barcelona According to Luis Rabassa, Petrus ' executive vice president, of the 68 million, 40 million euros will be invested in the next three years. In addition, with those 40 million euros is intended to achieve the complete rehabilitation of the palace in the passage Permanyer. In the number 360

The growth of the luxury real estate market in Madrid is 11.5% higher than the rest of Spain

Spain has been in full economic recovery for three years now. Little by little, employment is growing, consumption increases, floors are sold again, etc. After the crisis of 2008, which particularly hit the real estate sector, we began to see symptoms of recovery, and the 2018 is raised by an increase in housing sales and the price of these. Within this upturn, Madrid is at the forefront. Madrid, investment center in luxury flats The luxury real estate market in Madrid is the most experienced in this recovery. Both the sales and rents and their profitability grew at the end of 2017. The year closed with very good numbers and the forecasts for the 2018 are still better. The price of housing increased in Madrid by 15 ' 5%. This implies a growth of 11 ' 5% higher than the rest of the country. The luxury flats in Madrid are much more easily sold. The capital's per capita income is among the highest in the country. Madrid, besides being the first place of interest for the purchase, is also for rent. There is a great demand, so many investors see a great