Living in the Gran via of Madrid

The Gran via de Madrid is one of the best areas to live in. In recent years, in the real estate sector has been noticed as we have gone from the decline of great way to become one of the most demanded areas for the purchase of housing. The location, services and shops you have, the wide activity and cultural offer, etc. They make the Gran via Madrid a temple for the most modern families. It is true that the most classic prefer areas far away from the center of the city. More residential and quiet neighborhoods. But the most modern, young couples or those who like the life of the city center, find living in the Gran via a real luxury.   To live in the Gran via is to have everything at hand The location is unbeatable in order to access all the services. Living on the Gran via is synonymous with being able to go shopping in the best boutiques in less than

Living in front of the botanist: a luxury

One of the most beautiful and inspirational corners of Madrid is the botanical garden. Located in the heart of the capital, it is very close to some of the city's major points of interest: the Prado Museum and the Retiro Park. Living in front of the botanical garden is synonymous with art and luxury. Majesty from the window If what you're looking for is a luxury home with completely unique views, a floor in front of the botanist is what you need. Imagine looking out at the window in the morning and enjoying an incomparable landscape: flowers you've never seen and an exceptional variety of plants. Without a doubt, a house in front of the botanist is a privilege. The buildings that are in the vicinity of the botanist are historical. Beautiful and old houses, but reformed, that will allow you to enjoy the history and the classicism but with the comforts of our century. Elegant houses, with presence and name, with Manor and perfectly refurbished. Living in front of the botanist is talking about art, but also about comforts. This area is very close to three

Styles of current reforms

At present, when deciding to sell, buy or rent a flat, one of the most important and best valued points is the reform of the same. More and more people prefer a new and modern apartment when opting to buy it. But you should know that in addition to offering a facelift to the house, other things are valued above: reducing housing costs, lowering the electrical bill… These are some of the changes that are most sought at the time of buying. The term and acoustic insulation, the waterproofing, the improvement of the communication networks… All this can make a home sell or rent more quickly. If you are looking for a luxury apartment in the heart of Madrid, take a look at the renovations you have made. What to look at when making a reform If you are thinking of reforming your home to sell it, you should look at the reform as an investment to revalue the same, and not as an extra expense. The greater the comfort, the higher the starting price. Similarly, if you want

Jerónimos, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Madrid

Living in Jeronimos is a privilege. This neighborhood is concentrated between the streets of Alcalá, Alfonso XII, Paseo del Prado and Paseo de Infanta Cristina. All of them are large streets, with good services and stately buildings.   The district of the Jerónimos of Madrid has always been a reference of the luxury and the exclusivity of the capital. This is one of the highest living areas in Europe. Some of the city’s most distinguished buildings are erected in these streets. Especially those next to the park are the most exclusive and quoted.   The National Heritage Council wants the environment of Paseo del Prado and El Retiro to be a candidate to be declared a World Heritage site in the category of Cultural landscape. and is that it is a emblematic area of Madrid, really beautiful and with elevated landscape interest.   ‘ The promenade of the meadow and the good retreat. Landscape of Arts and Sciences ‘. This is how they have nominated the candidacy. It aspires

The best luxury duplexes in Madrid

The luxury real estate sector is at its best. So finding your perfect luxury apartment will cost you less than ever. In Larvia we have a lot of dream duplex. Being demanding is good and we are looking for the best for each client. That's why we made this selection with the best luxury duplexes in Madrid, so you can start imagining the one that best suits you and your tastes. Large, spacious homes with a lot of luminosity and huge comforts that will make your stay a dream come true. You have a lot of options to choose from! Low-Garden: The All-in-one It is possible that when you think of the word duplex, the first thing that comes to mind is an attic. However, there are a lot of luxury duplexes that are located in a low. What does a low in front of the attic offer us? A wonderful garden. Soto de la Moraleja: Charm in a private urbanization. This beautiful low duplex