Jerónimos, one of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Madrid

Living in Jeronimos is a privilege. This neighborhood is concentrated between the streets of Alcalá, Alfonso XII, Paseo del Prado and Paseo de Infanta Cristina. All of them are large streets, with good services and stately buildings.


The district of the Jerónimos of Madrid has always been a reference of the luxury and the exclusivity of the capital. This is one of the highest living areas in Europe. Some of the city’s most distinguished buildings are erected in these streets. Especially those next to the park are the most exclusive and quoted.


The National Heritage Council wants the environment of Paseo del Prado and El Retiro to be a candidate to be declared a World Heritage site in the category of Cultural landscape. and is that it is a emblematic area of Madrid, really beautiful and with elevated landscape interest.


‘ The promenade of the meadow and the good retreat. Landscape of Arts and Sciences ‘. This is how they have nominated the candidacy. It aspires to be declared with this Unesco distinctive, including the Paseo del Prado between Cibeles and Atocha Square, the whole Retiro Park and the Jerónimos district.


Some luxury homes in the Los Jerónimos district of Madrid


Classicism and exclusivity. These two attributes are the ones that best define this House. This exclusive property measures 219 square meters of surface cadastral. It is in perfect state of conservation. A fourth floor of a stately estate, with a classic façade built in the year 1,900. However, it has all the comforts of living in a luxury house.

A step away from the retreat. Next to the most emblematic park in Madrid. A first floor of a stately building, with a luxury estate. 259 meters and completely refurbished. This luxury home is unique and really special.