The growth of the luxury real estate market in Madrid is 11.5% higher than the rest of Spain

Spain has been in full economic recovery for three years now. Little by little, employment is growing, consumption increases, floors are sold again, etc. After the crisis of 2008, which particularly hit the real estate sector, we began to see symptoms of recovery, and the 2018 is raised by an increase in housing sales and the price of these. Within this upturn, Madrid is at the forefront.

Madrid, investment center in luxury flats

The luxury real estate market in Madrid is the most experienced in this recovery. Both the sales and rents and their profitability grew at the end of 2017. The year closed with very good numbers and the forecasts for the 2018 are still better. The price of housing increased in Madrid by 15 ' 5%. This implies a growth of 11 ' 5% higher than the rest of the country.

The luxury flats in Madrid are much more easily sold. The capital's per capita income is among the highest in the country. Madrid, besides being the first place of interest for the purchase, is also for rent. There is a great demand, so many investors see a great opportunity in buying a luxury home.

The recovery of the sector makes it an ideal time to invest in a luxury home. While prices rose by the end of 2017, they will continue to do so in 2018. Therefore, investing in a luxury apartment in Madrid is synonymous with acquiring a great profitability. In addition, the recovery not only affects the floors already built, but also those houses of new construction.

Why Madrid?

Madrid is one of the main European cities. It has great attractions that attract the attention of people who can buy luxury homes. In this sense, it has a lot of important museums, tree-lined streets, walks full of luxury shops, really exclusive restaurants… All these additions make it a city with a lot to offer to people with a high purchasing power.

If we focus on the areas of the capital, in addition to being very much demanded the center of Madrid, with neighborhoods such as Salamanca or El Viso, as well as the urbanizations of the suburbs also have their adepts. They have large gardens, urbanizations, farms, swimming pools, garages… On many occasions the price is more reduced, but the interest is still high. Larvia sells luxury homes in all these attractive neighborhoods to invest in.

Current situation of the real estate market in Madrid

The average time to sell a luxury home is around three months for a city like Madrid. This shows the good moment of the market and the great opportunity to invest in which we are.

Investors can also see a great deal of variation. Although before the luxury real estate sector was more reserved for foreign investors, with the economic recovery we find many Spaniards. This sector is a big investment, but also a quick return on the money invested.

All these reasons make the experts in the luxury property sector advise investing now in this type of housing.