Larvia consolidates its presence among the leading companies of the national luxury market

Larvia, a company dedicated to the sale of luxury homes, closed the 2017 with 8% of the global turnover of Petrus real Estate group, according to various leading media leaders in general and economic information such as the vanguard, expansion, EFE or Europa Press, among Other. The new office of Larvia Open in the moral, continues its excellent evolution and everything indicates that the evolution and contribution to Larvia, at the end of this year, will be very positive.
This group belongs other companies such as Luxury rentals, which was 12% of the turnover or rent better, a company that was born in January this year and is expected to contribute 3% in this 2018.
Despite the fact that Petrus is headquartered in Madrid, it will invest 68 million euros in Barcelona. Petrus will build 252 homes in the next five years.

Investment in Barcelona

According to Luis Rabassa, Petrus ' executive vice president, of the 68 million, 40 million euros will be invested in the next three years. In addition, with those 40 million euros is intended to achieve the complete rehabilitation of the palace in the passage Permanyer. In the number 360 of Consell de Cent they intend to rehabilitate an old office building. The purpose is to turn it into 16 houses. In addition, they have also bought land in the town of El Prat de Llobregat. Here they build 25 houses, and 38 in Molins de Rei. Petrus Real Estate Group will fund a large part of this global investment. In addition, they also have developing land of Teià, where they intend to build 150 homes over the next three-five years. This project represents about 30 million euros.

Real Estate market recovery

Rabassa has also talked about the evolution of the group in Barcelona, which has been 40%. These flats are aimed at the upper-middle class. The price will depend on future market research in the various areas. Still, the group estimates range from 2,500 to 3,000 euros in Baix de Llobregat and between 4,000 and 4,500 in Teià. Rabassa also ensures that, after ten years of stop in the real estate market, the sector is recovering and there are more and more changes thanks to the arrival of various investors and the emergence of foreign funds.

At the international level

The expansion of Petrus Real Estate Group has not only been produced in Spain. In fact, Colombia has been the country chosen for the investment of nine million euros in a building of 48 homes. In addition to this small investment, it has committed another 25 million in another building. This has 56 homes. Finally, a third of 64 that will begin in June. Much of the global turnover of 2017 comes from Colombia whose growth expectations in the next few years are expected to remain very positive.